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Ice Soccer on Skates

The new sport of ice soccer was submitted by Jacob Gayman from the USA, who lists Thai people as creating the sport. Skating Ice soccer is a sport played on an ice hockey rink. It is a variation of association football on ice. This sport is a higher quality version of roller soccer providing faster speeds and quicker gameplay. There is also a similar new sport - Ice Soccer — in which the participants run around on the ice.

Sport Description

Players must wear ice skates to dribble and pass a size 3 soccer ball in the rink. The ball can be handled with any body part except for the hands. There are 5 players per team and no goalkeepers. The goal is about 3 feet high and 4 feet wide. The goal can be defended by any player at any time with no extra privileges.

The rules of ice soccer are almost identical to the rules of roller soccer. For example, if the ball exits the rink, the ball is back into play once the referee drops the ball in front of the team that did not kick the ball out. However, players may not kick their legs above their waists to prevent injuries from the sharp skates. If a player chooses to do so, they will be given a 5 minute tome out in the penalty box. Other rules are identical to roller soccer.

ice soccer game in ThailandA game of ice soccer being played in Thailand - image is a still from this video

Equipment Required: Ice rink. Ice Skates. Size 3 ball. Shin guards and full body padding. Full cage helmets. 3x4 foot goal.

see video of ice soccer being played

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