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Vertical Soccer

If you are an above average soccer player with decent skills, but not quite enough to make it to the big leagues, but a world class circus artist, like someone from the Cirque du Soleil troupe, it's time for you to rejoice and put those cleats back on, because there is a brand new sport for you called vertical football.

The sport is played on a billboard (yes!! you heard me right) painted to resemble a miniature football field, with goalposts fixed on both ends, and mounted several feet above the ground. Two individual players, suspended to the top of the billboard using cables tied to their waist, are positioned close to their respective goalposts. The ball is also suspended from the top using cables and hangs right at the middle of the field.

The objective is to work against gravity and try to keep your foot on the board at all times, and score goals. To add to the craziness, the sport is also played with two or three players per team.

vertical billboard soccer football

This crazy sport originated as a promotional experiment by Adidas in Japan. It is not played by mainstream population; reasons quiet obvious, and to date continues to remain only as a promotional gimmick.

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