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Horse Soccer "hoofball"

Horse soccer, also commonly known by the name equine soccer or hoofball, is a fun sport that can be best described as a mix of soccer and polo. It is played mostly at a club level, but there are also some competitive leagues for the sport. It is basically pushball on horseback.

The sport is played with all players riding on horsebacks. The field used for playing varies, but a 60′ x 100′ field is a preferred by many leagues. Two goal posts are placed on opposite ends. Depending on the experience of the players the posts are placed 12ft to 25ft apart. The objective of the sport is to drive the ball through the goal posts.

The number of players in a team varies. The ball used for playing is a large inflated ball, similar to an exercise ball, which is about 40" in diameter. There is no restriction on the style of riding, and both English and western styles can be used.

pushball - the objective is to push the ball through the opponents goal postspushball on horseback from 1920

A match is typically played with two or three players in each team. However, it can also be played with anywhere from one to eight players per team. The duration of a match varies between clubs, but are typically played for two, 10 or 15 minute halves, with a half-time break in between.


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