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Ice Soccer

The new sport of ice soccer is an on-ice version of association football. Competing teams try to score by kicking a projectile, through the opponent's goal. There is also a similar new sport - Ice Soccer on Skates — in which the participants wear ice skates and play on an ice rink.



For adult games, each side (team) has nine players: six slammer/blockers, two backs, and a goal keeper. An extra back is added in youth games, for a total of ten players per side. Games are typically 30–60 minutes long.

Equipment Required: ice, ball (Boot'R), helmet, shoe–boots (e.g. broomball shoes), helmet (such as a hockey helmet)

About the Boot'R

The uniquely shaped and weighted Boot'r makes controllable, sustainable ice soccer play possible. The Boot'r provides a big "sweet spot" for control; and its weight and shape keep it in play at a speed that enable players to execute serious passing and play-making.


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