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Tests for the NBA Combine

The fitness tests listed in the table below are the athleticism tests that are performed annually at the NBA pre-draft camp.

As well as these fitness tests and anthropometrical measurements, the players undertake a physical with a medical practitioner and perform many on court skill drills and games of basketball in front of the scouts and coaches (see draft camp notes). We have also compiled the Best Results from these tests since the year 2000.

Fitness Component Test Comments
Strength 185 pound Bench Press The maximum number of bench press repetitions at 185 pounds is recorded. This is a test of maximum strength and repetition (strength) endurance. The test also requires excellent bench press technique to maximize the athlete's score. See more details of the maximum bench press test and bench press technique.
Power Vertical Jump The vertical jump is a test of an athlete’s explosive leg power. There are two versions of this test performed, the standard (no step) vertical jump and a running Max Vert.
Speed ¾ Court Sprint Time to sprint over the distance of three quarters of the court is measured in seconds. Maximum running speed is important in basketball, though the acceleration or time over the first few steps is probably more important. See the details of the 3/4 sprint test procedure.
Agility Lane Agility Drill Agility is very important in basketball, and is measured using the lane agility test at the NBA camp. The Lane Agility test measures how fast a player moves laterally around the key. See more about the lane agility test.
Agility Reactive Shuttle Run A newer test which has been measured from at least 2010 is sometimes referred to as the reactive shuttle test. The players start in the middle of the key and run to each side of the key before returning to the center.
Body Size   Anthropometrical measurements that are taken include height with and without shoes, weight, wingspan and standing reach. Percent body fat has also been measured in the last few years.


The information listed above for the testing performed at the pre-draft camp has been found from searching online. No specifics on the actual procedures used for these test have been found, and there may be additional tests included. Surprisingly there is no test of aerobic fitness. Flexibility testing may be included in the physical assessment performed by health professionals.

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