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Standing Height (Stature) Measurement

The measurement of height, from the feet to the top of the head, is a standard component of most fitness assessments. Height (or lack of height) is an important attribute for many sports.

height measurementmeasuring height

equipment required: stadiometer (or steel ruler or tape measure placed against a wall)

procedure: standing height is the measurement the maximum distance from the floor to the highest point of the head, when the subject is facing directly ahead. Shoes should be off, feet together, and arms by the sides. Heels, buttocks and upper back should also be in contact with the wall when the measurement is made.

reliability: Height measurement can vary throughout the day, usually being higher in the morning, so to ensure reliability height should be measured at the same time of day.

advantages: this is a low cost and quick test to perform.

comment: if the subject is unable to stand, such as for infants and those with illness or injury, then recumbent length can be measured.

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