Fitness Testing for Baseball

Baseball is a sport in which skill plays a significant part, however a high level of fitness is required to perform at the elite level.

There are several components of fitness that are important for success for all players, though there are positional differences in the requirements for fitness. See also the Baseball SPARQ fitness testing rating system which uses a different battery of tests.

Component example tests comments

Aerobic Fitness

  • The aerobic test performed may depend on the starting fitness level of the players. A submaximal test of aerobic fitness may be suitable, such as a cycle test (Astrand test, Trilevel, PWC170), or the Cooper 12 minute run. For players used to some conditioning exercise, the maximum effort shuttle run (beep) test would be more appropriate.
  • You can find information on many aerobic tests from here.

This is an important component of fitness for baseball, so that players can reduce the effect of fatigue during long periods of play. Fitter players will cope with the heat stress of playing all day in the sun. 


The flexibility tests should be specific to the actions of baseball. Being flexible enables greater range of movement in the execution of striking or throwing the ball, and may reduce injury in the long term.

Strength and Power

Strength (and power tests) should also be done to determine initial levels and to monitor strength changes in conjunction with training programs. Upper body strength is particularly important.

Core stability and abdominal function is important in the controlling of movement and execution of skills.

Speed and agility

  • Sprint time over 30 yards or 60 yards, with a split time for the first 10 yards is appropriate.
  • You may also want to do a baseball specific test, sprinting over the actual distance between home and first base, and also possibly incorporating a turn.

Running speed, acceleration, and agility are very important in baseball for moving between the bases and in fielding. The 60 yard dash is also commonly used for testing baseball players.

Body Fat

Excess body fat would affect the baseballer's ability to move freely around the field, and it would also increase fatigue during training and game play as the excess weight does not benefit the sport. See more about anthropometry and baseball.


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