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Proposed MLB Pre-Draft Combine

Major League Baseball is considering running a pre-draft combine, like the NFL and NHL. Talks about this topic started in 2015 after a complicated situation unfolded with the No. 1 pick in 2014, Brady Aiken. It is hoped that access to amateur players’ medical information will help avoid a repeat of the situation.

The format of an MLB combine is yet to be announced. It could be a limited event where only the top prospects are invited, or a more general thing where players undergo a series of tests like in the NFL.

The main issue at the moment is the health of the players. The combine may be just a health checkup, with the players undergoing a series of health and medical assessments which would include MRIs. A more elaborate combine could include physical tests such as the 60-yard dash, agility, strength/power, radar-tested throwing speed and, for pitchers, bullpen sessions, along with the MRI results. The tests may be similar to that used for the Baseball SPARQ testing.

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