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Staying healthy and living longer is one of the most important benefits of fitness training. Eating the right food, particularly when training and placing extra stress on the body, is also vitally important for gaining and maintaining a healthy body.

Health Benefits of Cardiovascular Training

  • strengthens your heart
  • helps you lose weight and reduce fat
  • increases your endurance

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Before you start an exercise program, you should make sure your body is ready for it. Take the PARQ Physical Readiness Questionnaire. Once you get the go ahead, follow these articles below for some tips and advice on doing the right thing and becoming more healthy.


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If you are new to exercise, consider getting a medical assessment before doing too much. Fill out a PARQ to see if you are ready. The best thing you could do is perform a warm-up before each fitness session, which should include some stretching. When training, following correct exercise technique can help reduce injuries and maximise fitness gains.

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