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Complete Guide to the Beep / Bleep Test

The beep test is possibly the most commonly used endurance fitness test conducted around the world. It is so popular because it is simple to conduct, requires minimal and inexpensive equipment, and large groups can be tested at once.

The test goes by many names (shuttle run test, beep, bleep test (UK), yo-yo, PACER, Aero, multistage fitness test, MSFT), but is essentially the same whatever it is called.

As it is so popular, there is a lot of information about the test, including the many pages of info on this site. There is also a lot of research on the test, and data on results and interpretation. Below you will find links to a large range of information about the beep test.

Conducting the test

About the Test

  • Beep Test Table — which has all the timings and speeds for the commonly used beep test
  • Beep Shuttle Listing — comparison listing of the number of runs for each level of common versions of the test.
  • Test Variations — history of the test and descriptions of some of the variations of the test.

Test Performance

Scoring the Test

Beep Test cd & Software

  • Purchasing the beep test cd — information on how and where you can purchase a beep test cd or mp3 digital download.
  • Beep Test Software — provides the standard Multistage Fitness Test or Bleep Test right on your PC or Laptop, with many additional features.
  • More Beep Test Products - all you need to set out, conduct and analyze your beep test.

More Info

  • Beep FAQ — some common questions and answers about the beep test.

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