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Despite there being lots of references to the beep/bleep test online, there are only limited instances of actual scores or results being published. The following are just some that are known or have been found through searching on the internet. Consider these scores with a grain of salt, as it is not always not known what test version or protocol are used (see variations), or how strictly the protocol has been enforced.

Top Scores

There are unconfirmed rumors that some athletes have completed the whole 23 levels of the test, which is highly unlikely. Top elite endurance athletes would be expected to reach up to level 19. See also details of best ever beep test results. Below are some of the test scores that have been found, with not all of them being confirmed.


AFL, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Hockey (Field), Hockey (Ice), Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Squash, Track and Field, Motor Sports, Netball, Other (Female Sports, Celebrities, Juniors)

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Rugby Union

Rugby League

Field Hockey


Australian Rules Football (AFL)

Ice Hockey



Gaelic Football

Athletics / Track & Field


Motor Sports

Other Sportws

16.1 achieved by Handball player Maurizio Minetti from Ossola, Italy in Oct 2009. (unconfirmed result, submitted by site visitor)

Female Sport





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