What do you call the 20m running endurance test?

One of the most commonly performed endurance fitness tests is what many call the 'beep test', but is also goes by many other names. The test has been variously described as the beep or bleep test, multi-stage fitness test or MSFT/MST, 20 meter shuttle run test, yo-yo endurance test, PACER, Léger test and Aero test. In French it is called the 'Test de Luc-Léger'. Choose the closest one below. If there is no match, let me know in the comments below.

What do you call the 20m running endurance test?

Beep Test
Bleep Test
Multistage Fitness Test (MSFT)
20m Shuttle Run
Yo-Yo Test
PACER test
Aero Test
Leger Test

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