Pre-Test Warm Up

(this is an extract from the Fitness Testing Guide)

Prior to any fitness assessment, it is important to have the body prepared by following a warm-up procedure. The procedure should be standardized so that if the test is repeated, the same warm up can be repeated to help maintain consistency with the results.

The actual warm up conducted will depend on the test being performed. Certain tests, such as some variations of the sit and reach test, specifically require you not to do a warm up beforehand, while other testing regimens have tests in a particular order so that the earlier tests provide a warm up for the later tests.

General Warm Up Procedure

Here is a general warm up procedure that you can use as a basis for your testing. This is only a guide and you can adapt it based on the time and facilities that you have available. You may wish to include other stretches when a certain part of the body is to be specifically tested. See also the specific test warm-ups below.

Test Specific Warm Ups

fitness testing guideFitness Testing Guide

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