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How to Create Custom Scripts

You can create your own test by modifying a current script file or writing a new custom script file. You simply create a text file in the same folder as the beeptest software, using the following commands:

Command Usage
START n Start or move to another stage/level, where n = stage number.
RUN n Run ‘n’ number of laps.
REST n Rest/Pause for ‘n’ seconds, usually for some specific sport practice activity.
REPEAT n Repeat a series of beeptest commands 'n' times.
LapDistance=n Set the lap distance in meters (default is 20)
Stage3Laps=n This is an example of setting the number of laps for a particular stage (stage 3 in this case). If this is not set, the standard beep test defaults are used.
Stage7Speed=n This is an example of setting the running speed for a particular stage (stage 7 in this case). If this is not set, the standard beep test defaults are used. Speed unit is km/hr.

Example Usage

The following simple example script instructs the test to start at level 5, then to run six laps followed by a 10s rest, repeated 100 times.


For more examples, see the custom script library.

Create a TXT file

Locate the Team BeepTest folder where the software is saved on your computer. In this folder there are text script files, such as 'Standard Beeptest Script.txt'. Make a copy of one of these, or create a completely new file. Write the script you require using the code as described on this page or examples on the script page.

Saving the Script

Save this as xyz script.txt (replace xyz with a meaningful name, and be sure to leave ‘script’ in the filename) into the beeptest folder, and your test will appear in the fitness test pull down menu on the main beeptest window.

Changing Sounds Too

You can also customize the rest voice over or even the sound of the beeps by simply recording your voice or sound into a wav file of the same name as those already used. If you make alternative recordings and wish to share them, I can put them onto this site. Please contact me with details.

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