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How to record and burn the Team Beep Test to a cd

If you do not have a laptop, or you don't want to take your computer out on to the field, you can record the audio from the Team Beep Test software, and save onto a cd (or other media storage device) for playback later. Just be aware that the software visually shows the level numbers and records the result, so when you just use the audio track there will be no indication of what level number you are up to. You will need to count or time your test to determine this.

The following description is for just one relatively simple method using software that is either standard with the Windows operating system or available as freeware to download. There would be other methods and possibly better ways of getting the sound from the software to a cd, but this is a method that we have had success with and should be achievable for everyone.

This description is fairly brief in parts, so hopefully everyone can follow it. If you have another method or suggestions, or have had trouble doing this, let me know.

  1. Find a sound recorder program online. The freeware program I used is 'Free MP3 Sound Recorder 1.9' by nbxsoft. There may be other freeware that can do the job - there certainly is other programs that you can pay for too. You can record computer sounds using the Windows Sound Recorder, but unfortunately that only records up to 60 seconds. The instructions here are for using the Free MP3 Sound Recorder 1.9, and assumes you have downloaded and installed this audio recording software.
  2. Open the Team Beep Test software. Select the script that you want to run. Do not start the test until the Sound recorder has been set up and started.
  3. Open the Sound Recorder program. Select 'new', then select 'stereo mix' or 'wav mix' or similar to record audio through the sound card, and adjust the volume. Select mp3 as the file format, and save the file on your hard drive (as beeptest.mp3 for example) .
  4. Now that both programs are ready, start recording sound, then begin the Team Beep Test. When the test is completed, stop recording.
  5. Open the beeptest.mp3 file into Windows Media Player (or similar media player or cd burner software). Put a blank cd in to the cd player, select 'burn audio cd' to burn the file onto a cd. It should now be ready to play in your cd player.

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