10 Beep Test Tips To Help You Go Further

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The beep test is one of the most popular fitness tests used around the world to assess and monitor aerobic fitness. There are many things you can do to improve your beep test score, here are ten tips you can implement to give yourself a little bit extra next time you do the test.

  1. BE PREPARED: Make sure you body is in the best condition for a maximal exercise test. Rest the day before and get a good night's sleep, and eat a light meal about 1-2 hours before the test and make sure you are well hydrated.
  2. WARMUP: without a warm-up well you probably will not perform at your best also you could risk injury which could set back your fitness.
  3. PRACTICE: It's a good idea to practice the beep test 1 or 2 times before the administration of the test. The athletes will be more relaxed and mpre accustomed to pushing their limits, and with groups there will be less confusion on test day.
  4. BE POSITIVE: A more positive state of mind can help you push through the pain barrier and reach a higher level.
  5. BE EFFICIENT: Using efficient running and turning techniques can conserve energy for the final stages of the test. Set your own consistent pace and ignore the runners around you. Run with your shoulders relaxed and breath deeply and smoothly.
  6. MINIMIZE DISTANCE COVERED: Don't run further than you need to; as you come in to the turn, time it so that only one foot just touches the line (you don't have to go over the line), and turn sharply and not following a wide arc.
  7. FOCUS: Focus on something else, such as your breathing, instead of the pain.
  8. SET GOALS: Set achievable goals along the way. Achieving even an easy goal instigates a positive state of mind that will in turn encourage you to keep going.
  9. IMAGINE SUCCESS: At every turn imagine yourself getting to the next line before the sound of the beep. This mental imagery technique enhances confidence and determination.
  10. GET FITTER: Finally, there is no avoiding this 'tip', the only sure way to make significant improvements in the beep test is to train well to improve you aerobic fitness.

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