Beep Test Competitions

Devonport Carnival

Devonport Carnival first held a Beep Test competition in 2009. In 2010 the winner was Tasmanian distance running champion Grant Page of Hobart. Page eliminated about 30 opponents by the 14th level. The event is named after former Olympic marathon runner Dave Chettle. In 2011, the total prize money was $1000 in total. First prize = $400, 2nd = $250, 3rd = $150, 4th = $100, 5th = $50, 6th = $50.

Devonport was the first carnival in Australia to hold a beep test for a cash prize and the idea is starting to attract interest interstate. A beep test competition may also soon appear on the program for the Stawell Easter Carnival in Victoria. The Victorian Athletic League CEO Mark Howard considering it for all Victorian carnivals, including Stawell and Bendigo in 2012.


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