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The UK could be considered the home of the unusual sport. James Bamber and Sally Raynes have searched out the most wacky of the UK's unusual sports and have published it in Wacky Nation: 50 Unbelievable Days out at Britain's Craziest Contests. This book is a humorous, often surreal travel book which showcases wacky races, weird world championships, crazy contests and zany traditions in the United Kingdom.

Here is a list of all the sports that are covered in the book. Follow the link for our descriptions of these events.

  1. Stinging Neetle Eating
  2. Shin Kicking
  3. World Worm Charming Championships
  4. Bottle Kicking and Hare Pie Scramble
  5. World Pea Throwing Championships
  6. Bonsall World Championship Hen Racing
  7. Onion Eating Contest
  8. Bog Snorkling
  9. Olney Pancake Race
  10. World Clog Cobbing Championships
  11. World Gurning Championship
  12. The Great Shirt Race
  13. Exmouth Christmas Day Dip
  14. Conker Smashing
  15. Knaresborough Bed Race
  16. World Pea Shooting Championships
  17. Totnes Orange Race
  18. Royal Marines Commando Challenge
  19. Oxenhope Straw Race
  20. Bognor Birdman
  21. Atherstone Ball Games
  22. Mince Pie Eating Contest
  23. World Stone Skimming Championships
  24. Mapleton Bridge Jump
  25. World Crazy Golf Championships
  26. World Walking the Plank Championships
  27. Newtown Santa Race
  28. Cheese Rolling
  29. World Egg Throwing Championships
  30. Tetbury Woolsack Races
  31. World Pooh Sticks Championships
  32. World's Greatest Liar
  33. Three Horseshoes Wheelie Bin Race
  34. World Pie Eating Champioship
  35. Football in the River
  36. Sheep Grand National
  37. Real Ale Wobble
  38. World Russian Egg Roulette Championships
  39. World Custard Pie throwing Championships
  40. Waiters' and Waitresses' Race
  41. World Winter Swimming Championships
  42. World Black Pudding Throwing Chmapionships
  43. World Marbles Championships
  44. Matlock Raft Race
  45. UK National Sandcastle Competition
  46. Egg Rolling
  47. Christmas Pudding Race
  48. Brumbles Cricket Match
  49. World Coal Carrying Championships
  50. Ottery Tar Barrels

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