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Straw Racing

The Oxenhope Straw Race is held every summer in the Pennine village of Oxenhope, near Keighley, UK. The race was started by two men who made a bet about racing from one pub to the next carrying a bale of straw. As as often he case, an offhand remark in a pub becomes a major event.

Competitors race in teams of two (male, female or mixed). The start is at the Waggon & Horses Inn. From there it is 1 mile to the Bay Horse Inn where a bale of straw is picked up. From there the course heads along 1 1/2 miles up a gentle hill, via the Social Club, the Lamb Inn and the former Shoulder of Mutton, to the finish at the Dog & Gun. A pint of beer is drunk by teams at each stop.

There are concessions for female competitors. Females may carry carry 1/2 bales if they wish, and only half-pint of beer has to be drunk by female teams.

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