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Crazy Golf (Miniature Golf, Mini Golf, Putt-Putt)

The popular short and fun version of golf goes by many names - Crazy Golf, Miniature Golf, Mini Golf, Putt-Putt.

The mini version of golf has many characteristics of the full version, using golf putters and golf balls, though conducted on shorter putting areas. Each hole is usually a maximum 10 yards from tee to cup.

The surface can vary, though it is usually artificial such as carpet, astroturf or concrete. Each hole can be challenging, using geometric layouts and the use of obstacles such as tunnels, tubes, banks, ramps, and moving obstacles such as windmills.mini golf player

There are national and international organizations for this shortened form of golf. One major event is The World Crazy Golf Championship. This event started in 2003, and is held annually in Hastings, East Sussex.

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