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The new sport of Twinbatting is a new sport invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur city in Maharashtra State of India. He invented this sport in the month of May 2019. The peculiarity of this sport is that, every player is playing with two bats simultaneously. 

Equipment Required: Bats, Ball / shuttlecock, net / string, two poles to hold net /string, material for court / ground marking, clock, note book, pen, etc.  

Sport Description

The object of Twinbatting is to hit the shuttlecock / ball over the net so as to land that ball / shuttlecock in the court of the opponent player. Opponent player will make a return back by hitting the shuttlecock / ball. If any one player hit the shuttlecock out or into the net, then one point will get to the opponent. If anyone player's ball land in the court of another player then point will get to a player hitting the ball. One set will be of 21 points and best out of three set will be declared as a winner. Every player will use two rackets / bats each in one hand at a time while playing this sport. The racket may be of any suitable kind i.e. same like tennis or badminton etc.  

Individual player's ground / court will be divided into right part and left part. If player is standing in right part then he will have to use right bat and if he stands in left part then he will use left hand bat. If not follow this rule then it will be a foul and one point will get to the opponent player.

Instead of shuttlecock player can use suitable ball suitable for hitting by bat. Bat used may be of any kind but same design of bats should be used by all players. This sport can be played in single or doubles. Every side will hit the ball / shuttlecock only at once either it hits the ground or travel across the net.

Full ground will be rectangular in shape. Measuring will be 14 meters by 6 meters in size. There will be net hanging / standing in between the ground and the height of the net may be around 1.5 meters. One point is scored when player become successful in landing his hit (shuttlecock / tennis ball) on opponent's side. This game can be played with either two (singles) or four (doubles) players. 

The sport will start by doing the toss to determine which player will serve first and which side of the court the opponent will play. Net should not be touched by any player if not one point will get to opponent. Referee's decision will be final. The players are allowed for 90 seconds rest after first set and 5 minute rest after second set. 

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