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The new sport of Luckchase was created by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya from Nagpur, India in July 2018. This sport is played just like the game of traditional chess, though each time a piece is to be captured, the players roll dice to determine if they are able to capture opponent's piece.


Sport Description

When one player has to capture any piece of opponent then he will have to take the turn to roll the dice and should also give the opponent to roll the dice. If number (1-6) shown by the dice is less than the opponent's number then he will not be able to capture opponent's piece. Then he will have to make another move. If both have the same numbers then there will not be any other chance of rolling the dice and so the piece will be captured.

If there are viewers also then they can be divided in two teams. One team will support one player and another team will support another opponent player. During such type of team play when one has to capture the piece of another then every member of the team including player will roll the dice and individual value will be added thus we get team value. Opponent team will also roll the dice. If opponent team value is bigger then, the piece cannot be captured. If both teams have the same value then piece will be captured and no other chance of rolling dice will be given. The team will have to make another move.

The dice will not be rolled in case of check and also will not be rolled in case of check-mate. There will not be any point system as in traditional chess game. Win will be declared on the basis of check-mate of king otherwise it will be a draw. If team is much bigger then electronic machines and advance technology may be used instead of manual dice rolling to calculate the total value.

Even every individual can vote for that particular move in support of any one player instead of making two teams. Every voting point (from public) for a particular move will be added in the total points of that particular player by adding his dice point with dice points of team members. This total of all these points will fix the decision whether to capture the piece of opponent or not. This type of voting will make this game more popular because one can play this game from anywhere in the world without making a team and lastly only one player out of two will win.

Unpredictability in the game will make it more interesting. This game will also help to popularize the traditional sport of chess. People will like to select the experts of traditional chess as the two main players of this new luckchase sport. There may be the combination of two opponent players with opposite teams and also any number of viewers. Both the teams will have equal number of persons. These teams may be selected from popular personalities.

Direct participation of every one (including viewer) will make this new sport more competitive and interesting. There is no fixed time limit hence viewers have a liberty to participate as per their own convenience.

The basic sport material required is traditional chess board with all black and white pieces along with one dice to roll. It is not much costly and everyone who participates in it (excluding two main opponent players) does not require expertise of playing traditional chess.

This new sport resembles the true life situation where luck also plays its role although every person should always remain in continuation of performing his duties with hope and positive attitude in the interest of mankind.  

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