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The new sport of Disha was created by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya from Nagpur, India in May 2016. This sport can be played by one team at a time, each team includes child and mother. One team member verbally directs their blindfolded partner around a course in the shortest possible time.

Preference will be given to the mother but if mother is not present then father or any other responsible person selected by that child can participate as a team member. The performance of this team (one child and one elder person) can be judged based on the total time to be taken for completion of the task as well as total fouls occurred during the that particular task. The length and design of the task will be fixed by unanimous acceptance of all the teams before starting this sport.

Care should be taken that the ground selected for this sport should free from any obstacles or dangers. Care should be taken to keep this sporting event harmless. Proper precautions like first aid arrangements should be made before starting this sport though this sport is a harmless sport which every child may enjoy. Concept of direction, basic mind set required during driving (though not using any vehicle) can be learnt by small children by participating in this new sport known as DISHA.

Children aged around 5 years are best suited or the height of the child and height of the other team member should be suited to each other. If children are having more height or more weight then it becomes not possible to stand on parents feet then under such conditions these children should be allowed to participate but they will walk from behind of his/her second partner. Two partners of that team will not touch each other while playing.

disha sport

The care should be taken that all the teams should follow the same line of working means if in any one team one member is giving instructions from behind then all the members are permitted to follow same procedure. It should not be like that in one team one member is standing on another members feet while giving instructions and in second team one member is giving instructions to another while walking from behind.

Two elder partners forming one team can also play this sport but basically this sport is children oriented sport. Team work, sportsmanship, cooperative play, following rules, safe play, learning new concept, having fun are the various aspects of this new sport DISHA. It also enhances creativity of the players while fixing the design of play ground.

Player's ability to collaborate and cooperate increases. Specially abled children (blind etc.) can also play this sport with other children on equal footing.


There will be a 'start' circle of radius around 2 feet diameter. The team will stand inside of this circle while starting the play. As the bell rings the play should start. One elder member of the team will be blind folded hence cannot see the route/path.

Another member who is the child and standing on the feet of the elder member will give instructions of walking like STOP, GO AHEAD, TURN RIGHT, TURN LEFT, COME BACK.

Team members will not communicate with each other by any signals or other words of any language. Only five instructions are permitted and the blindfolded member will have to act in the same way as he receives instructions.

While walking the elder member will support the child by holding child's hand in his/her hand and then both will walk simultaneously. The child will keep his/her feet on the feet of the elder member while walking. The face of both the team members will be in the same direction.

The two parallel lines 2 feet apart from each other will form the path of walking. This path will start from start circle and end with end circle. The end circle will be of 2 feet diameter. The length of the path will be fixed as per the unanimous decision of the participants. This path will not be a straight one but it should have turnings like right turn, left turn, U turn and there may be a number of turnings.

The length and design of this path should be made by considering the age of the children participants. If both the feet of walker participant go out of any one line then it will be counted as faul. If anyone feet of the member go out of any one line of the path it will not be a foul. In this way one team member (child) will give instructions regarding direction and other team member (blind folded elder) will walk and cover the distance.

The time will be noted by stop watch and fouls (if any) will also be counted. The team which will cover the distance with shortest time will be the winner and ranking will be given on the basis of time to cover the total path.

The design of the path as well as the distance of this walking path can be standardized in coming future by the authorities to create uniformity in judging the sportsmanship of this new sport DISHA.

If the timing of the two participant team remains the same then the total fouls will be counted and team with less fouls will be the winner. The number of participant teams will walk on this path separately one by one. If any member speaks the words other than the words of instructions (for following the direction) which are not instructed that will also be counted as foul.

If any team goes out of the path then it should have to reach on the same point then have to start walking the path means every team has to cover all the distance and designs of the path. If child keeps the feet down on the floor then it will be consider as foul. In this way terms and conditions regarding foul will be set by umpire/judge who will be the final authority to take the decision and declare the result.

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