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Khogoska is a new sport invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur in Maharashtra state of India in the month of October 2018. This is skating sport in which the skaters race along a path and have to avoid opposition players every 10 meters. Khogoska can be played by an individual player in competition with other players or this sport can be played by a team in competition with other team. 

Equipment Required: Roller Skates or Ice Skates, helmets for safety, knee pads, elbow pads etc. for safety, time measuring instrument, distance measuring instruments, pegs to mark points, note book for entry, Line markers.  

Sport Description

The ground flooring required here should be plain enough so as to facilitate roller skaters. It may like a straight cement road. There will be start point and last point marked on a straight line on the floor. On this straight line there will be number of points on every ten meter intervals. On every point one player /roller skater will stand in such a way that their faces will be in opposite direction alternately. Consider straight line is in north south direction then the players of same team will stand (each player on one point) facing east and west direction alternately.

Now one player of the opposite team (wearing roller skates and helmet) will stand on start point. To finish his task he has to travel from start point and then taking turn from outside of the last point he has to return again on start point. Means by touching the last point he has to return to the start point. If he touches the last point then he will get one mark and if he returns to start point he will get additional two marks (means total three marks). If after touching the last point he becomes out then he will get only one mark. If the sport is being played individually against each other then the timing of starting up to successful ending will also be noted.

When any two players get equal scoring then player who completed with shortest time will be a first winner. In this way on the basis of score and timing the first, second, third etc. numbers will be declared by the umpire. If the sport is being played in two teams then total count of the score made by the team players will be considered for winner result. 

Now we know that there is one player who has to complete task we say him as blue and another standing on the points 10 meter apart are red players (also wearing skates and helmets). Blue will complete task and red will try to make him out by touching him. To make him out red will try to touch the blue and blue will avoid and try to escape. On each side of the straight line (on which points are marked) there will be one parallel line 10 feet apart. The blue should not cross these lines, if crossed then will be declared out. Means blue has to play along the straight line within the boundary of parallel lines.

As soon as blue starts skating forward the first player standing on the first point will try to touch him by starting his skating activity in any one direction along a straight line. Red player cannot change the direction but blue player can change the direction so as to save himself by avoiding touch of red player. The red player when started on one side of the straight line cannot cross the middle straight line but blue player can cross the middle straight line. In this case the red player will touch another red player who is facing the direction of blue player. In this case also the red player (chasing previously) cannot change his direction so he has to move forward and by touching last point he will come on the another side of the straight (middle) line. Then he will touch another red player (standing at suitable point for chase) and will say go.

After getting instruction of GO the another red player facing the direction (left or right side of the straight line) of blue player will start chasing the blue player. Previous red player will stand on the point of that red player to whom he has instructed to go by shouting GO. In this way at a time only one red player will chase to one blue player.

The distance between the two red players may be increase or decrease on the basis of roller skating skills of the players so as to make this sport more interesting. The distance between parallel boundary lines can also be adjusted accordingly so that touch should not be very easy or very hard to achieve and every player should have the same opportunity. The age of the players should also be considered while marking the ground size. Chasing player (red player) will not change his direction once decided by him (direction towards last point or start point). Red player can not cross the straight line. He has to skate on one side of the middle straight line only. He can instruct another red player as GO so as to keep chase of blue player on another side. All the standing red players (chasers) will not stand facing on one side only but they should stand on facing one left and one right side means alternately opposite to each other.

After getting GO instruction the player can start chasing to blue player only if he is facing that direction (means that side of the line). Blue player can change the direction and also can cross the line but red player cannot change the direction and also cannot cross the straight middle line. Time limit for every blue player can be put (10 minutes to complete the task etc.) to make the sport more challenging.  

Advantages: This sport test and enhance the skill of roller skating. It can also applicable to ice skating if proper ice ground can be maintained. It can be played outdoor as well as indoors. 

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