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Bouncerbask is a new sport invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur in Maharashtra state of India in the month of January 2019. Players progress across the floor, bouncing a ball and marking where it lands, until finally bouncing the ball into a net.

Equipment Required: bouncing ball, Disk for marking, circle marking material, basket, notebook with pen, stopwatch, calculator.

Sport Description

A bouncing ball is used to play this sport. This ball is of small size approximately 1.5 inch in diameter. The ball is made up of solid rubber means no air is filled in this ball. In comparison with other air filled / hollow balls this ball jumps back with high speed if we throw it on the floor.

This sport can be played in big hall or in open space where ground is plane. The sport can be made more interesting (with higher difficulty level) if the ground is undulating. Two circles of two feet diameter are marked on the floor. These circles will be approximately 50 feet away from each other. The distance in between two circles (which are start and end points) can be increased or decreased with the prior acceptance of both the teams.

There will be two teams and every team will have even number players i.e. 4,6,8,10 etc. One player of first team will start playing. He will stand on one circle with bouncing ball in his hand. He will start the game immediately after the bell ring. Time count will also start at the same time.

The player will throw the ball on the floor and the ball will bounce and this ball should bounce above his height if not he will have to try again. The ball will drop on the floor and will again bounce back in the air. The player has to place one disk mark on that point where ball fall first after bouncing in the air. Immediately then he may catch the ball in the air or pick that ball from the floor. Then he will stand on that disk mark taking that ball and disk in his hand.

He will repeat the same procedure until he reaches the second circle means his last ball should fall in that circle. Minimum throws on the floor will be compulsory before reaching the last point i.e. five throws etc. when player will reach on the end circle, he will stand in that circle and will again throw the bouncing ball on the floor so that after jumping this ball should enter into the basket hanged / fixed at five to six feet height at unanimously accepted distance from the circle.

The stopwatch will stop immediately after the ball enters in the basket. This timing will be noted. Now the player of another team will start his play and his timing will also be noted. The player whose time will be less will be the winner. He will stand on the next side.

Every time one player will be selected by team captain taking into consideration opponent player. In this way if every player (becomes winner) of one team stand on next side then the team will be declared as winning team.

If we want to make the sport more interesting then the player will be allowed to take the decision whether he has to stand out as a winner or he has to call back any of the winner of the opposite team.

Or there is another option. The total count of the timing of each player to complete task will be the team timing. On the basis of this total timing of both the team, the team completing task faster (within less time) will be considered as winner.

If players are less and time is limited then we can play this sport as an individual player and the timing of all the players will be noted. The player who will complete the task fastest will get first rank and accordingly second, third etc.

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