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Masedeball is a new sport invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur in Maharashtra state of India in the month of February 2019. A new type of bowling sport with the target balls placed by the defender.

Equipment Required: 1 Service ball, 1 Defendant Ball, 6 Target Balls, Measuring Tape, Material for marking ground i.e. paint, chalk etc., Pen & Note Book.

Sport Description

The ground should be plane and smooth for this sport. Two parallel lines 30 feet apart are drawn which are two sides of a rectangular ground. One central line has to be drawn as the partition line in between these two parallel lines.

All the balls will be of same size. The size of ground may be increase depending on the skill of the players. Number and size of balls may all change as per suitability and to create more joy.

The side for the player will be decided on the basis of a coin toss by deciding the head and tail side of the coin before throwing in the air. Umpire's decision will be final.

One player will stand on one line and another will stand on another line. The player can play by standing on any point of this 15 feet line. 10 service chances are given to each player. Width of the play ground will be 15 feet.

6 balls will be arranged by opposite player (who is not doing the service) in his half side (15feet by 15 feet square) in such a way that each ball should be at least 2 feet away from each other. He can place any ball anywhere and decide his placing of ball. The player doing the service should hit / touch any one ball or more balls (out of these six balls placed by defendant) by striking his service ball.

Service player will get one point for each ball hit / touch. Service ball should come rolling on the ground and not bouncing. The care should be taken by the player making service that, his service ball may touch number of balls but placed balls (out of six balls) should not touch with each other while rolling after strike / hit.

If any two balls out of these six balls touch each other while striking then points will not get but service will be counted. The opposite player may hit the service ball by using his defendant ball only before service ball crosses middle line means before the entry in half portion of the ground where six balls are placed by the defendant.

Defendant ball should not touch / strike / hit any one of the six balls. Defendant's ball can make a direct hit or may role or may bounce but service ball should only role on the ground. If defendant's ball hits the service ball in service ground (half portion of the ground on the side of sportsman doing service) then he will get one point.

Service will be counted if the rules are broken for any reason but points will not be added. If service ball touches any two target balls (out of six balls placed as target) then service making player will get two points. Accordingly he may get number of points from 0 to total number of target balls he touched during hit / strike. Total points earned by the player in 10 services will decide the winner.

If players are playing in teams then every team will have equal numbers of players. There may be more than one team. Total points of each player will be added to count team points and accordingly the team which will have bigger score will be a winner.

Half portion is service ground (on the side of sportsman making service) and half portion is defendant ground (on the side of sportsman defending). When 10 service chances will be played by one player then opponent player will start his services. Ground will not change, which means the players will make service and defendant by standing on the same side.

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