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The new sport of Spekthow was invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur in Maharashtra state of India in the month of December 2018. In this sport marbles are thrown around a course like in golf.

Equipment Required: Good quality marbles, circle marking material or rings, iron tools for digging holes, flags, measuring tape, note pad with pen etc.

Each player will use one marble (round shaped) and will play whole game with the help of same marbles until it does not get damaged. If marble gets damaged then it can be replaced by another good shaped marble.

There will be many series of holes in a course of play (path of playing). This path has to be completed in a few strokes as for as possible. If digging of holes on the path is not possible then 10 inch diameter circle has to be marked. The holes will be of 5 inch diameter and 5 inch depth. The course of path should be such that the marbles should not be lost during playing. Total holes may be 9-18 as per suitability of the course path. It does not have a standardized playing area and cope with varied terrains.  

The player will stand on one foot touching his foot with the circle / hole. Another foot will be lifted upward as a stand and that foot will rest on knee side portion of vertical leg. This posture will just like doing yoga. Then by opening a palm of one hand wide apart the thumb will be rested on thigh portion of uplifted leg.

Marble will be placed in front of middle / index finger with the help of another hand. The marble is thrown forward by stretching of index / middle finger backward and then by suddenly striking it forward with the marble. In this way the marble is thrown nearest to first hole.

The distance between the holes will be such that five throws (approximately) will be required to cover the distance for reaching the first hole and other successive holes accordingly. One person may stand on the next hole /circle so as to give the idea to player about the exact location of the next hole.

The marble has to enter into the hole / circle. In this way number of holes has to be completed. Each participant will play individually. Total number of chances to cover the whole path will be counted. The player who will cover the total path with minimum chances will be declared as winner.

If players are playing in number of teams then chances taken by every player will be added to the total count of that team. The team which will have lowest number of counted chances will be declared as winner team. The player can select any path for reaching from one hole to another hole as per his suitability but he has to follow the same technique of throwing marble as unanimously accepted technique by every player before start of the play.

If marble get lost then player has to restart from previously reached point (by using new marble) and one chance will be added in his count as a foul. Terrain for this play should be selected (clean ground with clear visibility) such that marble should not be lost very easily i.e. free from high grass etc. It is not compulsory that the ground should be plain. Personal safety of the players should always be taken into account hence dangerous topographical areas like high cliffs / deep valleys should be avoided. 

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