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Seedballer is a new sport invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur, Maharashtra (India). He invented this sport in the month of June 2019. Seedballer is an environment friendly sport which promotes plantation. 

Equipment Required: Seed balls, rope or any other marking material, wooden pegs, timer & watch, wooden sticks to point out seed balls in grass, note book, pen, shoes and knee guards to walk safely, torches, flood lights, whistle etc. 

Sport Description

This sport is played in between two teams. The number of team players should be in proportion with area of the ground. Play ground should be avoided because it gives clear vision of the seed balls, thus the seed ball gets easily identified. Natural open land is best suited for this sport.

Every player will have 10 seed balls with him/her. These seed balls will be prepared by using mixture of clay, compost and seeds. To avoid breaking of these seed balls one can add shredded paper, cardboard, plant residue etc. in this mixture. Pest deterring compounds can also be added so as to prevent insects from breaking the seed ball for eating seeds. These seed balls should be round in shape and dried well before using them in this sport. 

One rope will be laid on the middle of the ground by tightening this rope at both ends. This rope will divide the ground in two parts. One team will throw seed balls only in one direction of the ground by standing near the rope. If 10 participants are in one team then that team will throw 100 seed balls. All the team players of that team will throw seed balls only at one part of the ground.

ow another team will get one hour to find the position of the balls. Balls will not be collected back but allowed to remain as it is, so as to grow trees in rainy season. Only their position and number should be confirmed by opponent team after identifying the seed balls. This means every searching player will be accompanied by one throwing player so as to identify and confirm the search of every seed ball. In this way total number of seed balls searched by opponent team will be their score.  In this way after one hour the score of one team will be declared.

Then there will be 30 minutes rest period /break period given to both teams. After that the sport will again start. Role of both teams will interchange. The team who has thrown seed balls now will search them and team who had searched seed balls will now throw them. Care should be taken that these seed balls should be thrown on another side of the ground divided by the rope.

After the break, at the end of second hour the score of second team will be known to us. The team having highest score will be a winner. If both the team has equal score then the timing of both the team will be counted. The team who has reached that score with less time will be declared as winner.

The sport can become more interesting and challenging if played during night by following rules of the land if any but proper safety should be taken by using torches, flood lights, whistle etc. 

Seed balls should not be touched after throwing them in natural surroundings. The seeds will grow naturally and one day became a full grown tree. In this way this sport supports plantation. 

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