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Fitness Testing for Motor Sports

As discussed in our article about fitness for motorsports, fitness plays a very important part in the success of any motor sport athletes. In order to measure and monitor the changes in fitness, motor sports athletes should undertake fitness testing on a regular basis.

The Australian Institute of Sport regularly hold camps for motorsport riders, of which a small part is fitness testing. In 2008 at the Elite Rider Camp for Road Racing, Dirt Track and Speedway athletes, the fitness tests included the following tests. Some results from other years have been included too,

note: in 2008, there was no ab strength test, and in 2010 there was no speed test.

Motorcycling Australia Elite Performance Academy (EPA)

The inaugural Motorcycling Australia Elite Performance Academy (EPA) was held on the Gold Coast at the AIS Training Facility at Pizzey Park in 2015. The camp included intensive days of physical testing and psychological profiling. Some of the fitness results include Road Racer Troy Guenther achieving 13.11 on the beep test, Enduro rider Ben Kearns excelled in the core strength assessment and New South Welshman Tom Edwards came out on top in the upper-body strength endurance test. Another test that was completed was a 400m repeat effort test.

Honda Girls on the Gas

Skinfold Bodyfat CalliperAn annual Australian women's motocross event is the Honda Girls on the Gas competition. The scoring for this event is based on five categories: Rider Technique, Public Speaking, Lap Time, Fitness (Shuttle Run), Race 1 (5 laps), Race 2 (5 laps). In the fitness component, the 20m shuttle run is used.

The results for the beep test fitness component in 2009:

1st Jess Gardiner NSW 8.3
2nd Jess Moore WA 8.1
3rd Courtney Knight Qld 7.8
4th Jackie Gibbs SA 6.5
5th Emily Flint Tas 5.8
6th Jess Heaney Vic 5.7

2010 results of the fitness test

1st Jess Moore, 10.1
2nd Sarah Stubbs, 8.10
3rd Krystal Sowten, 7.10
4th Jacqui Gibbs, 7.5
5th Tayla Jones, 6.9

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