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What Will Be The Next 'New' Olympic Sport?

Recently there have been new sports added to the Olympic program, golf and rugby for Rio in 2016, and baseball and softball, karate, sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing for 2022. There are many other sports that could be considered worthy of a place on the Olympic program. Up until July 2019, we ran a poll on this site with sports which the IOC has shown interest in adding to the program and other sports which have been lobbying for inclusion.

Here are the archived results from that poll. In July 2019, there was an online campaign by fans of the sport ultimate to vote for their sport, which pushed ultimate to over 6000 votes and highly skewed the results. While I don't begrudge them doing this, I felt that the poll did not truly reflect the overall public opinion and so I went back and took the poll results from a earlier period. The results below are taken from a month before I closed down the poll. Total votes were 1349.

Sport Votes    
Other 219 16.2%
Dancing 180 13.3%
Cricket 172 12.8%
Lacrosse 146 10.8%
Squash 123 9.1%
Ultimate 115 8.5%
Netball 110 8.2%
Tenpin Bowling 94 7.0%
Wushu 81 6.0%
Wakeboard 64 4.7%
None - no more sports 45 3.3%


Disclaimer: This poll is not scientific and reflects only the opinion of visitors to this website who have chosen to participate.

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