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Lacrosse at the Olympics

Lacrosse is a fast-paced team sport that involves players using a stick with a net at the end, to pass a ball and score goals by shooting it into the opposing team's net.

Lacrosse has previously been on the official Olympic program twice, in 1904 and 1908, and has also been a demonstration sport at the Olympic Games in 1928, 1932 and 1948. It is now set to make a comeback at the 2028 LA Olympic Games.

lacrosse match in action lacrosse match in action

Only three nations have competed in Lacrosse at the Olympic level: Canada, Great Britain and the United States. In 1904 and 1908, Canada won the gold medals both times.

2028 Lacrosse

Lacrosse has been added to the program for the 2028 LA Olympic Games. It will be played in the World Lacrosse Sixes format, a faster-paced shorter version of the game which will be more appealing to the international audience.

Teams fo six include one goalkeeper. Each game lasts 32 minutes (four eight-minute quarters), and played on a 70m x 36m pitch featuring goals 10m in from the end boundary lines. Unique to the sixes format, there is a 30-second shot clock.

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