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Cricket at the Olympics

Cricket is a popular sport around the world, though it is predominantly played in Commonwealth countries. Cricket is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, though it is not on the current Olympic sporting program. There is evidence that cricket was played as a demonstration sport in 1896, then it was officially on the program in 1900 with a single twelve-a-side game between a team from England and France.

The IOC is optimistic about the inclusion of cricket at the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028, though they have abandoned attempts for inclusion in Paris 2024. With the 2032 Olympic being held in Australia, there is a possibility that cricket could make its long-awaited appearance at the Games.

Other Multi-Sport Competitions

Cricket has been played in other major world sporting events. Cricket was part of the Commonwealth Games in 1998 Kuala Lumpur. Sixteen teams participated in the tournament, including many non-test cricket nations such as Kenya, Scotland, Malaysia and Northern Ireland. Cricket is also a medal sport at the Asian Games, starting in 2010.

cricket gamethe gentleman's game


The Olympic Games cricket match in 1900 was held over several days, and the Commonwealth Games matches were held in the ODI format (50 overs per side), though the best chance of bringing cricket back would be in the shorter 20/20 format. Cricket at the Asian Games is played in this format. Indoor cricket and six-a-side forms have also been suggested as possible Olympic cricket formats.

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