What Will Be The Next 'New' Olympic Sport?

For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, five new sports were added to the program: baseball and softball, karate, sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing. This is in addition to golf and rugby which were added for Rio in 2016.

There are many other sports that could be considered worthy of a place on the Olympic program.

In the poll below, we have listed sports which the IOC has shown interest in adding to the program and other sports which have been lobbying for inclusion.

The last time we ran a similar poll, there were many who selected 'other'. Let your voice be heard and write in the comments which sport you think should be part of the Olympic Games.

Following an online campaign by fans of ultimate in July 2019, this sport is clearly leading the poll. Unfortunately the poll probably now doesn't truly reflect the overall public opinion. A similar thing happened in 2013 when Equestrian was voted as the favorite 2016 Summer Olympic Sport.

Which of these sports should be included into the Olympics?

Tenpin Bowling
None - no more sports


Disclaimer: This poll is not scientific and reflects only the opinion of visitors to this website who have chosen to participate.


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