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A Guide to Fast Food – Good and Poor Menu Choices

When eating fast food is it particularly difficult to select foods which satisfy your nutritional goals. However, it is possible, with extra care, to select healthier foods from take-away outlets using our guide below.

McDonalds Restaurants

Eating MaccasEating Maccas

Better Choices

  • Hot cakes and syrup (no butter)
  • Muffins and jam (no butter)
  • Junior burger
  • Fruit juice
  • Roast Chicken Salad
  • Garden Mixed Salad
  • Chicken Foldover
  • Vege Burger
  • Muffin Lite
  • Berrynice Yoghurt Crunch

Poor Choices

  • Other burgers
  • McNuggets
  • Fillet O Fish
  • Fries
  • Apple pies
  • Thickshakes and sundaes

Pizza Restaurants (e.g. Pizza Hut)

eating pizza takeawayEating Pizza

Better Choices

  • Thick crust vegetarian with small quantity of cheese
  • Thick crust seafood with small quantity of cheese

Poor Choices

  • High fat toppings, eg salami, olives, ham, bacon, cheese

Pancake Restaurants (e.g. Pancake Parlour)

eating pancakesEating pancakes in The Netherlands

Better Choices

  • Crepes/pancakes with vegetables (tomato sauce) or lean chicken or seafood
  • Crepes/pancakes with fruit fillings, syrup or lemon and sugar (no whipped butter)

Poor Choices

  • Crepes/pancakes with cream sauces
  • Whipped butter on dessert crepes
  • Ice cream

Subway Restaurants

eating subwayEating Subway

Better Choices

  • Ham roll
  • Roast beef roll
  • Subway club
  • Turkey breast roll
  • Garden salad

Poor Choices

  • BMT roll
  • Meatball roll
  • Oven roasted chicken roll
  • Seafood roll
  • Tuna roll
  • Spicy Italian roll
  • Subway melt

Hamburger Bar

eating a hamburgerEating a burger

Better Choices

  • Plain hamburger, no margarine on bun, raw onions, salad
  • Low-fat fruit smoothie
  • 100% fruit juice

Poor Choices

  • Cheese burger
  • bacon burger
  • the "lot"
  • fries / potato chips
  • thickshakes

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Restaurants

KFC RestaurantKFC Restaurant

Better Choices

  • BBQ chicken (no skin or stuffing)
  • Spicy skinless chicken
  • Bread rolls
  • Corn (no butter)
  • Mashed potato
  • Salads
  • Gravy
  • Fruit juice

Poor Choices

  • Fried chicken (skin and stuffing)
  • Tender roast/BBQ chicken
  • All burgers
  • Hawaiian Pack
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Chips and wedges

Burger King (Hungry Jacks) Restaurants

Milkshake at Hungry JacksMilkshake at Hungry Jacks

Better Choices

  • Chicken Fillet Burger (no ranch sauce)
  • Ocean Catch Sandwich
  • Cheese burger

Poor Choices

  • Other burgers
  • Nuggets
  • Onion rings
  • Fries
  • Thickshakes & sundaes

Fish and Chips

Eating Fish and ChipsEating Fish and Chips

Better Choices

  • Grilled fish
  • Souvlaki
  • Bread rolls
  • Salad
  • Fruit juice

Poor Choices

  • Chips
  • Potato cakes
  • Deep fried fish
  • Dim Sims

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