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Food Safety While Traveling

by dietitian Clare Wood

The Risks:

When traveling, ingested food and water can be a source of contamination and have the potential to make you sick if care is not taken. The main concern when traveling overseas is "travelers' diarrhoea" which can be caused by a wide range of infectious agents. Other problems you might experience include nausea, vomiting and fever. The likelihood of becoming sick while traveling will depend on a few variables:

Reducing the Risks:

There is risk of food and water borne illness everywhere you go, even with local travel. The stress of travel will reduce your defenses and immunity increasing your risk.

Following are some tips when eating out and preparing food out of your normal environment to help you avoid unsafe food.

Water and drinks:

If there are concerns about the safety of water, always assume the worst.

Indonesian street food Indonesian street food


If food can be cooked, boiled or peeled it should be ok, otherwise go without.

General hygiene:

What to do if you get sick:

Successful traveling is healthy traveling. To reduce your risk of food related illness while overseas plan ahead and take safe measures while eating and drinking. You will more likely enjoy your stay.

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