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Pull-Up and Chin-Up Bars

The pull-up exercise (also known as the chin-up) is a workout for upper body strength and endurance, which helps strengthen and develop your shoulders, back, and arms. The exercise requires an overhead horizontal bar, at a height so that the feet are not touching the ground.

A pull up bar is available that can be installed in most homes around a standard door frame, making this exercise an easy one to be done at home. As you can see there are a few different styles of chin-up bars, with varying degree of quality and versatility.

Below are just some examples of each type, there are many more available.

Where to buy Pull Up Bars

We do not sell this product directly from this website, we just provide links to sites where you can buy them. Check it out if you are interested and make up your own mind.

chin up bar

P90X Chin-Up Bar

A chin up bar is useful if you are undergoing the P90X challenge. It is also used in the P90X Fit Test. The bar can be attached to most door frames - instructions for doing so are included with the product.

simple pyll up machine

Door Way Chin Up Bar

This simple device can be set up in seconds on almost any door frame.

perfect pullup

Perfect Pull up

The unique feature of this device is the rotating handles, which enable it to engage more muscles while reducing joint strain throughout the pull up motion. The setup is simple, and can be done in all standard door frames from 27-to-36-inches wide, and easily removed when not in use or left in place without hindering door closing.

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