Winners List of the Netball World Cup

Here is a complete list of winners and placegetters of the World Championships since the first in 1963. Out of the 14 events held so far, Australia has been victorious eleven times. New Zealand has won four times, and Trinidad and Tobago once. In 1979 there were three joint winners.

Event Year 1st 2nd 3rd
15 2019
14 2015 Australia New Zealand England
13 2011 Australia New Zealand England
12 2007 Australia New Zealand Jamaica
11 2003 New Zealand Australia Jamaica
10 1999 Australia New Zealand England
9 1995 Australia South Africa New Zealand
8 1991 Australia New Zealand Jamaica
7 1987 New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago Australia (equal 2nd)
6 1983 Australia New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago
5 1979 equal 1st: Australia,  New Zealand and Trinidad and Tobago
4 1975 Australia England New Zealand
3 1971 Australia New Zealand England
2 1967 New Zealand Australia South Africa
1 1963 Australia New Zealand England

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