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Team BeepTest Upgrades

The team Beep Test software is compatible with all versions of windows, including Windows 10.

Version 4.1 (released March 2011)

- Support for Windows 10
- More Scripts added including YoYo Intermittent Recovery and Endurance Levels 1 and 2 and 15m bleep test used by police and fire services
- minor bug fixes.

Version 4.0 (released July 2010)

- Extra player buttons for wider screens (max 40 players)
- Support for multiple teams of players (useful for schools with many classes or sporting clubs with many teams)
- removed support for use from a memory stick (too many re-formatting problems)

Version 3.3 (released Jan 2010)

- Increased Player buttons & generally making use of the wider 16:9 screens when available
- Added V02MAX & Total Distance run to statistics screen
- Script files more resilient, spaces on end of lines etc.
- Improved date format selection
- Small graphs fix for Windows 7

Version 3.2 (released Aug 2008)

- greatly improved ease of upgrading from earlier versions
- handles larger script files
- new graphics on stats window
- can now run on a memory stick
- added zoom and highlight functions
- plus lots more enhancements and bug fixes

Version 2

- added function for creating custom or design your own tests
- team support

General Team BeepTest Software History

The first version was released in July 2004 mainly for use by rugby coaches. Version 2 brought in custom or design your own fitness tests primarily for other sports e.g. soccer, hockey, cricket where the intermittent yoyo type fitness/conditioning is more useful. Many other sports conditioning coaches are using the beeptest software to accurately gage fitness & VO2max and can easily be adapted through the use of simple script files from athletics (acting as a standard pacer recorded onto MP3), swimming, ice hockey, skiing, to martial arts. After six years of intermittent development and getting much valued feedback from customers adding to the wish list, the team beeptest continues to improve with added features while maintaining the simplicity of use. The team beeptest is now used worldwide for more sports than we can hope to track, by premier clubs, schools/colleges and sport enthusiasts at every level.

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