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RealFit Review

RealFit is an online fitness testing and tracking system that scores fitness levels for athletes in any sport or fitness program and allows them to monitor their fitness history over time. Athletes perform a range of tests and a single RealFit score out of 1000 is determined. This is an example of a test protocol that combines the scores of a range of tests into a single score or fitness index (see other examples), which has the advantage in providing simple apparently meaningful feedback to the athlete.

What Tests Are Used?

RealFit uses the analysis of the results from six components of fitness, based on the results of these thirteen tests.


Scoring for each of the six fitness categories is made up of ratings from a range of fitness tests, selected from the list above.

  1. Cardiovascular endurance - Wall Sit Time, 5K Run, Squat Thrust & Jump (Burpee) in 2 minutes.
  2. Speed - 40 Yard Dash, 60 Yard Shuttle, 400 Meter Run, 5K Run
  3. Muscular strength - Standing Long Jump, Max Pull Ups, Max Bench Press, Max Squat Press, Wall Sit Time, Squat Thrust & Jump (Burpee) in 2 minutes, Plank Hold Time, Medicine Ball Overhead Toss, Max Push Ups.
  4. Muscular endurance - Max Pull Ups, 400 Meter Run, Wall Sit Time, Squat Thrust & Jump (Burpee) in 2 minutes, 5K Run, Max Push Ups, Plank Hold Time.
  5. Agility - 40 Yard Dash, Standing Long Jump, 60 Yard Shuttle, Squat Thrust & Jump (Burpee) in 2 minutes, Medicine Ball Overhead Toss.
  6. Power - 40 Yard Dash, Standing Long Jump, Max Bench Press, Max Pull Ups, Squat Thrust & Jump (Burpee) in 2 minutes, Medicine Ball Overhead Toss, Max Push Ups, Max Squat Press

Calculating the RealFit Score

The RealFit score is calculated from the test scores in each of the 13 individual fitness tests. A score for each category is determined using the results from the individual tests to derive the component scores (not all scores are evening weighted), which in turn determines the overall RealFit score. As you can see in the above listing, some test results are factored into the results for more than one component, which makes sense as more than one component of fitness can influence the result of most tests. The RealFit score can range up to 1000, which is only possible if the athlete scores close to a world record effort in all tests. A score over 700 is exceptionally fit.


This fitness index is unique in that it uses the results from a range of tests for each category, and each fitness test may influence the results of more than one category. It seems like not all fitness categories are assessed, as there are no tests of body size and composition or flexibility, though it could be argued that these are factors in the results of many of the fitness tests that are included. As per the similar SPARQ rating system, the formula used to calculate the score and the method they used to derive the formula has not been published and cannot be scrutinized.

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