Calculating % Bodyfat - Skinfold Method

Body fat is only one part of the composition of the human body. There are many ways of estimating the body's fat percentage. The methods described below are calculations based on skinfold measurements. See the information about %body fat, and also using girth measures to calculate %bodyfat.

BF% from Skinfold Measurements

There are literally hundreds of equations available for converting skinfold measurements to a percent body fat measure (for converting % to rating scores, see here). Many equations firstly calculate body density using skinfold measures, which can then be converted to a body fat percent amount. It is best to use a formula that is based on a population sample that most closely resembles the person who is measured. Use these equations with caution, as you will find that you get different results depending on which equation you use and the accuracy can not be guaranteed. The skinfold sites used for these equations may not be exactly the same as described on this site - refer to the original source if you require accurate results.

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