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Body Density Equations: Durnin & Womersley

These formula developed by Durnin and Womersley (1974) can be used to estimate body fat percentage using skinfold test results. The Durnin and Womersley formula is a general equation with limited population specificity since it was developed from a heterogeneous group of varying ages.

The calculation of body fat % involves measuring four skinfold sites, triceps, biceps, subscapular and suprailiac, and substitute the log of their sum into one of the following equations, Where D = predicted density of the body (g/ml), and L = log of the total of the 4 skinfolds (mm). The density value can then converted to Percent bodyfat (%BF) using the Siri Equation. There are more body density equations and other equations for measuring body fat using skinfold measures.

age (years) equations for males equations for females
< 17 D = 1.1533 - (0.0643 X L) D = 1.1369 - (0.0598 X L)
17-19 D = 1.1620 - (0.0630 X L) D = 1.1549 - (0.0678 X L)
20-29 D = 1.1631 - (0.0632 X L) D = 1.1599 - (0.0717 X L)
30-39 D = 1.1422 - (0.0544 X L) D = 1.1423 - (0.0632 X L)
40 -49 D = 1.1620 - (0.0700 X L) D = 1.1333 - (0.0612 X L)
> 50 D = 1.1715 - (0.0779 X L) D = 1.1339 - (0.0645 X L)


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