Skinfold Measurement Sites

There are many sites around the human body at which the skinfold pinch can be taken. The most common sites are featured below, with some of the less common and outdated sites also listed.

Whenever skinfold measures are taken, it is important for accuracy to find the correct location to take the skinfold pinch, and therefore the correct anatomical terms are used to describe the landmarks. On many of these descriptions I have added lay terms (in brackets) that may help the non-medically trained users to find the correct sites for taking the skinfold measurements. The caliper is applied 1 cm below and at right angles to the pinch - see the general skinfold procedure for more details.


Standard Skinfold Sites

triceps skinfold technique Triceps biceps skinfold technique Biceps subscap skinfold technique Subscapular thigh skinfold technique Thigh
iliac crest skinfold technique Iliac Crest suprailiac skinfold technique Supraspinale abdominal skinfold technique Abdominal calf skinfold technique Calf

Other Traditional Sites

chest  skinfold technique Chest

axilla skinfold technique Axilla

Other Sites

There have been other skinfold measurement sites used in the past, or others that are not used very commonly now. Some reference to the following skinfold measurements have been found, and the known details of the site landmark are listed.

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