The Beep Test Tape Version

The beep test was once available on an audio tape as well as cd format (see purchasing). One problem with the tape is that it can stretch over time, or the tape player may not play at the correct speed, therefore making the timing between beeps inaccurate. If you are still using a audio tape version of this test, you should think about Purchasing the cd. If you have the tape you need to regularly check the calibration.

On most versions of the tape there is a 60 second recorded interval for calibrating the cassette tape and player speed. Use a stopwatch accurate to 1/10 second to check the duration of the recorded time period. Ideally it should be 60 seconds. If it is higher or lower, use the table below to modify the running distance. If there is greater than 5 seconds error on the measurement, you should discard your copy of the test.

Time (seconds) Distance to Run (meters)
55.0 18.33
55.5 18.50
56.0 18.67
56.5 18.83
57.0 19.00
57.5 19.17
58.0 19.33
58.5 19.50
59.0 19.67
59.5 19.83
60.0 20.00
60.5 20.17
61.0 20.33
61.5 20.50
62.0 20.69
62.5 20.83
63.0 21.0
63.5 21.17
64.0 21.33
64.5 21.50
65.0 21.67



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