Ronaldo Speed Test

The Ronaldo speed test assesses the ability to dribble the ball at pace and with control. This is a timed drill - players can be retested to monitor improvements over time. The focus for the players should be on maintaining control of the ball with close touches - not big touches and chasing the ball.

Test Description

Aim: To test football players ability to dribble the ball at pace and with control

Test Set-Up: The cones are placed as per the diagram. A 4m square is placed 9m from the goaline. For the start a ball is placed between the cones at gate (B). The original test description did not indicate the distance to place the cones at (c) and (d) from the midline.

Description: Players start in the box (A), facing the goal without the ball. When the coach calls "GO" the timing starts and the player turns and runs to the ball at gate (B), dribbles through the gate and turns right towards gate (C). The player dribbles around the first cone at gate (C), in between both cones and turns right around the second cone and runs towards gate (D). The player dribbles between the cones and turns left around the second cone. The last turn is back through gate (B). The player continues into the box (A) and shoots at goal. One practice turn is allowed, followed by one timed attempt.

ronaldo speed test

Scoring: The time starts when the coach says go and finishes when the ball hits the net after the shot at goal.


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