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Silejum is a new sport invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya of Nagpur in Maharashtra state of India in the month of January 2019. The sport involves two teams of eight, played on a rectangular court, and involves tagging an opposition player while jumping on one leg.

Equipment Required: tape and other ground marking material, pen & note book, knee caps like other safety material, numbered (1 to 8) shirts.

Sport Description

This sport is invented by Shripad Krishnarao Vaidya in January 2019. This sport is played between two teams of 8 (eight) players. One player called as enterer will run on one leg into opposite team's half of a court. Tag out as many as their defenders as possible by touching them and then return to their own half of the court. After entering into another court he will shout the number of any one player and then that particular number player will immediately stand / run on any one leg.

Attacker as well as particular defender player will run on any single leg (run by jumping). All other defenders will run on two legs. Defender players will not make any try to fall on the attacker or do not make any type of grip on the attacker. Defender player will go out of ground when attacker player touch to them. The attacker as well as one declared defendant player can change their legs while standing but they will have to jump / run on single leg only.

Attacker player will get one point for touching one player and so on points will be added. Attacker player will not stand on two legs in opponents ground if not opponent team will get one point and all the points achieved by that player for that attack will be considered as nil. When one defender declared (player on one leg) player becomes out then attacker will call another number (present in the ground) and such player will immediately stand on his one leg. Say the attacker player touches three defendant players and comeback. Then opponent (second) team sends their attacker and he touches four players and goes back. In this condition second team will get one point.

Both the team will play eight services out of which four service will be the first service and another service will be the second service and vice versa. The team which will earn the maximum points out of total 8 (eight) points will be declared as winner. If both teams get same points then match will become draw. In this case if previously fixed unanimously then both teams can repeat the same sport but now two players (one attacker and one defender) will not change the leg from start to end of service and will have to play with same leg (without changing the leg) during that service.

If both the players during first service and second service get the same marks then no team point will be added to any of the team. Both teams will require even number of players. The attacker will not be stopped by the defenders.

The playing ground will be rectangular divided in two equal parts. The size of each rectangular play ground may be approximately 10 by 15 meters or it can be fixed unanimously by both teams as per their suitability.

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