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Knuckle Racket

The new sport of Knuckle Racket was created by Jose Castillo of Miami, FL. in 2009. Knuckle Racket is a sport that you play on a racquetball court. It lets you punch the ball because the net of the rackets are right over your knuckles. The sport is boxing and racquetball integrated in to one sport. It's challenging and fun. It was developed at a Racquetball court trying to integrate boxing movements with a racket and that it how the knuckle racket was created.


A pair of the knuckle rackets are held by each player, one in each hand in front of the respective knuckles. You basically "fight" with the ball by punching it against a single wall or in a racquetball court. Alternatively, you can play against an opponent using the same rules as in racquetball. It creates an intense workout

The game can be played at any indoor or outdoor racquetball court.

You can also just practice by hitting the ball against any wall and try not to let the ball hit the ground. See who can keep it up the longest.


equipment required: Knuckle Rackets and a racquetball court.

Knuckle Racket is the only boxing racquet in the world.
The Racquet with a punch.
Keep your Knuckle Rackets up at all times.


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