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Supa Punt

The new sport of Supa Punt™ was created by John Luckie from Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia in 2015. It is a one on one kicking game.

Equipment Required: oval shaped football, football field of any code.


Supa Punt™ is fundamentally a very simple game that can be played by anyone who likes to kick an oval shaped football.

Essentially what Supa Punt™ does is give players an objective and sets out a framework of rules, most of which are common sense with an understanding of the concept.

Supa Punt™ is a non-contact kicking game played one on one, or in doubles, on either a rugby union, rugby league, soccer, or gridiron field.supa punt logo

Players are attempting to gain a territorial advantage with the aim of scoring a point by kicking the ball across their opponents goal line.

The two main rules which govern the game are the two meter band and the seven second rule.



The skills required in Supa Punt™ are common to many codes of football, thus creating a level playing field. Players can match their skills against players from codes they would otherwise not meet on the playing field, hence creating a contest that does not favor the skills from any one.

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