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hammerfield playHammerfield is a full-contact sport, which was invented by Dave Simson in 2012. After seeing the blockbuster movie ''The Avengers'', Dave got inspired by the performance of ''Thor''. This was the beginning of Hammerfield. The Hammer in Hammerfield is based on the mythological hammer Mjolnir of Thor Odinson, the god of thunder. The myth tells us that Mjolnir never missed its target and always returned to Thor's right hand. In English Mjolnir means ''crusher'' and Thor was the only one who could lift it.

In Hammerfield you score by throwing a hammer at the goal or jumping and hitting the goal. The goal is a bell which hangs three meters above the ground. Each team consist of eight players on the field plus reserves. Of these 8 players there are 4 hammer bearers and 4 soldiers.

Equipment Required

hammerfield playThe Field

The field is 68 meters wide and 100 meters long and each half consist of 6 "safe zones", which has a diameter of 6 meters. Every "safe zone" consist of 2 parts. In the middle of the field there is a "center safe zone" which has a diameter of 8 meters. Along the edges of the field there are the outer lines. Safe zone 1 is to secure the hammer and safe zone 2 is the free for all zone.


The hammer bearers are responsible for making points. Only the 4 hammer bearers are allowed to bear the hammer. In defense the hammerers can receive and pass the ball. The soldiers are responsible for defending the hammer bearers. They make sure that the defensive team cannot tackle their hammer bearer.


There are 2 ways to score: By throwing the hammer at the bell, a hit is worth 1 point. Jumping and hitting the bell while holding the hammer is worth 2 points.


The players in the defensive team can only tackle a hammer bearer (with hammer) when in possession of the ball. The soldiers of both teams can put pressure on their opponents but are not allowed to tackle unless they are in possession of the ball. The tackle that is used in Hammerfield is the same as the rugby tackle, so you can tackle from the waist down but you cannot tackle from the waist up.

Starting the Game

The game start when the referee puts the hammer in the center safezone1, after which the offense appoints a hammer bearer to start the offense. The players of both teams are standing around the outside of the center safezone2 on their on half. When the hammer bearer touches the hammer the starting signal is blown and the hammer bearer has 3 seconds to make his move. The moment the hammer leaves the ground the defense can attack and the game begins.

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