Blo-Ball (Blo-Bal) is essentially table tennis without the paddles. Players compete by blowing the ping-pong ball back and forth, and score a point by shooting the ball past his/her opponent. The table is approximately six feet long and three feet wide, with three-inch high rails along the sides to keep the ball in play. The table legs are adjustable to accommodate the different heights of the players.

Blo-Ball (Blo-Bal) can be played by two (Singles) or four (Doubles) people. Scoring is similar to volleyball. A player only scores a point on his/her service. The first player to reach eleven wins, but must win by two. see a video demonstration of blo-ball.

Blo-Ball (Blo-Bal) background

This sport was invented by Kenny Weiland in 1993, patent number 5467986 was issued in 1995. The game was demonstrated on the ABC Television show “Why Didn’t I Think of That” in 1996, and also appeared in the Sports Segment on WCAX-TV in Burlington, VT in 1996. Blo-Ball (Blo-Bal) has been played in numerous middle and high schools in the northeast, sports bars and colleges.

blo-ball game blo-ball game demonstration
see video of blo-ball

For additional information, please contact Ken Weiland at 603-796-6115, or email at

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