Fitness Testing for Jockeys

Although the horses are the main athletes in horse racing, the job of the jockeys is also very demanding, and requires a very specific set of physical attributes. Most importantly, horse jockeys need to small and light. They also need good leg strength and flexibility, and endurance fitness. To see what others think, see the poll about the important fitness components for jockeys.

Example Testing List for Jockeys

Example results for a jockey

Below is s an example of a series of tests performed on the 2007 Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michael Rodd, conducted in 2009 (as detailed in the Herald Sun Newspaper). In summary, he is short and light as expected for a jockey. His other stand out result is a very good sit and reach score, showing the importance of flexibility in the saddle.

Fitness Test Result
body mass (kg) 55
height (cm) 168.7
Skinfolds, sum of 7 sites (mm) 40
Grip Strength (kg) 45
1RM Bench Press (kg) 55
Vertical Jump (cm) 55
Sit and Reach (cm) +26
VO2max (ml/kg/min) 58

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